Christiane Wulff, dentist & dental technician



  • Mouth hygiene for children and adults

Pediatric Dentistry

  • Prevention
  • Prevention Sealant
  • Fluoridation
  • Fillings of every type
  • Emergency treatment

Cosmetic dentistry

  • bleaching – whitening
  • acrylic view and porcelain
  • prosthetics
  • Construction of crowns and bridges
    • Total ceramic – CAD/CAM
    • Metal ceramic
    • Ceramic with precious metals
  • partial dentures
  • total dentures
  • telescopic work of all kind
  • implants for construction of bridges and dentures
  • splints
  • grinding teeth
  • treatment against snoring
  • protection for various sport

dental surgery

  • compound resins, ceramic fittings or gold of every type
  • amalgam replacement (CEREC)

jaw surgery

  • tooth extraction including wisdom teeth


  • dealing with every type of periodontitis


  • Treatment for the entire set of teeth

Orthodontic treatment

  • Every type of orthodontic treatment for minors up to 12 years old


The cost of every treatment depends on the degree of the difficulty of each problem and not for the duration of the actual treatment.

You will have high quality materials at affordable prices.

Upon your personal request, I will update you on every possibility for financing and for the prices of specific services.

I collaborate with all the Greek insurance funds as well as the funds of Germany, France and Austria and for the funds of other countries upon agreement.

24h Phone Emergency Service
+30 694 43 91 022